The new Hitler will appear

As the economic crisis worsens , I wonder when  the new Hitler will appear. In  what country will be this time ? with today’s technologies , what kind of war will be?

How pay rates banks

don’t eat
turn out the light
walk with the bike
drop the TV and telephone subscription
and the first priority in life is:  PAY the bank rates.

These advices were provided by my bank. My conclusion: FUCK THE  BANKS.


losersSometimes life is bad. Not me, for me is always cool because I’m a winner. But to others, like you, sometimes is bad. And when it sucks  there are a few things, which the losers  say to cheer. Sometimes works, sometimes not. The fact is that the man who says such things is a loser. Now you imagine that you’ve just said stuff below .
Could be worse
At least I’m a good man
Someone love me
Nobody knows
It’s the way it’s always been done

Money spent on drugs

drugsHow many of you have panicked when you heard of swine flu. How many drugs have you bought ? Many of you allready have been vaccinated. Do a little calculating how much money have you spent and then think how much money has been spent across the world on drugs and vaccines. Pharmaceutical industry is more profitable than drugs and prostitution industry. Just a rumor and a pompous name is enough and you pull money out of pocket. Even worse, the swine flu vaccine is very dangerous. So it is best to keep your immune system  good and Do Not Take A Swine Flu Vaccine!

How much brain

imagesHow much  brain do we need for make a better life for us? I see every day many failures, especially in these times .Our mentality is just like 2000 years ago. What is wrong here? Ordinary people are to blame? . Maybe big corporations or governments keep us at a minimum level of knowledge. They need disciplined workers, not someone who ask questions. Maybe is time for change something.  Ok, enough with the crap. Tomorrow we will go to ours jobs ( those who have ) to make more money for ours leaders.

Economic crisis and cigarette

This economic crisis playing with my life.  My empty pockets makes me crazy.  My God, now even one cigarette seems to be expensive.  So  I ask my self , if is something good for me in this crisis.  Of course, I quit smoking  and make my doctor happy.